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Welcome to my new blog.  I have been learning about Natural Health and eating right, the last six years and now is the right time for me to start sharing some of this.
I also wanted to share my experiences with photography and technology since they both exist in our 21st century.  Both are opposites, yet have a big impact on our lives.  Photos preserve our memories as well as form a fun social forum to share with others.
Technology allows a modern photographer , like myself to make sure that my vision of what i take with my camera, looks the way that i want it to look, through modifications made on my computer.  The technology also provides a very compact storage system because i no longer need to store boxes and boxes of photo albums.
My friends and family ask me what equipment use in photography.  It is a combination of Apple products (iMac desktop, iPad & iPhone along with Nikon cameras (D5100, D40) and one compact Canon S95 and of course my daily cameras from iPhone and iPad.   I had tried using Photoshop Elements but it was a complicated piece of software with a poor user interface, so i gave up on that.  The software i use are Apple Aperture for editing hundreds of photos, Apple iPhoto, and SnapHeal for removing unwanted objects.  My next purchase will be of Pixelmator, a powerful photo editing tool for the Mac, can’t wait to try it out !

About doonbelieve

I am an engineer in the 21st century, but i find Natural Health more interesting. Although the one tech that i cannot live without are the ones "Designed by Apple in California". I appreciate the technical zen qualities in each of Steve Job's products. I am also a photographer who specializes in candid photography at party events, life celebrations. Getting back to personal health, we can each improve our life through better health by making small, individual choices based upon what we learn about Natural Health.

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