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pet odors

if your pet consistently has an odor, even right after a bath, it is a warning sign of an imbalance. You will need to investigate the health issue within. For example, did you know that some pets can have a smelly allergic reaction from fleas ? Even food allergens are a concern. Grain, wheat, oat, gluten and corn intake need to be monitored for us and our pets. Too much carbs, given to a young pet can cause yeast overgrowth. Poultry can be an allergen. Stinky ears might mean an ear infection. There’s a good article written in local handout, “Natural Awakenings LI” by Dr Michael Selmer in July and part two in the next issue, Aug 2013.


About doonbelieve

I am an engineer in the 21st century, but i find Natural Health more interesting. Although the one tech that i cannot live without are the ones "Designed by Apple in California". I appreciate the technical zen qualities in each of Steve Job's products. I am also a photographer who specializes in candid photography at party events, life celebrations. Getting back to personal health, we can each improve our life through better health by making small, individual choices based upon what we learn about Natural Health.

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