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Understanding Food Labels

Bunny Kitchen

Making healthy food choices

Healthy eating shouldn’t be about depriving yourself of food. In fact, the key to eating healthy successfully is by choosing the right food to eat. Looking at nutritional labels is part and parcel of that. Yes, the nutrition information labels are placed on food items for a reason. Sadly, there are still a large percentage of people who do not understand these nutritional values. The Food Standards Agency (FSA) states that the Nutrition Facts Label is a useful tool to help consumers make informed food choices that may greatly affect their health.
Similarly, the FSA released a directive on how food retailers should label their food items to include the Guideline Daily Amounts (GDA). This directive according to Claire Hughes, resident Nutritionist of Marks&Spencer, is one way to help educate consumers about healthy eating and having a healthy diet. This is a way for…

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I am an engineer in the 21st century, but i find Natural Health more interesting. Although the one tech that i cannot live without are the ones "Designed by Apple in California". I appreciate the technical zen qualities in each of Steve Job's products. I am also a photographer who specializes in candid photography at party events, life celebrations. Getting back to personal health, we can each improve our life through better health by making small, individual choices based upon what we learn about Natural Health.

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