Tesla’s use of clean power for its battery factory would be unprecedented

truly green electric car begins with a battery built from clean energy like Tesla’s new battery factory.


Amid the news that Tesla and Nevada have come to an agreement over a deal that would see Tesla’s massive battery factory built in the state was another head-turning bit of information. Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that the factory will produce its own energy through a combination of geothermal, wind and solar, and it’ll produce all of the energy that it needs — Musk described it as “a self contained factory.”

Tesla's image of its clean powered factory. Courtesy of Tesla. Tesla’s image of its clean powered factory. Courtesy of Tesla.

In Tesla’s communications materials, the company called the factory “a net zero energy factory” that will be “powered by renewable energy.”

If [company]Tesla[/company] builds — or even buys — enough clean power to run the entire 10 million-square-foot factory, which will be filled with energy-intensive battery manufacturing machinery, it would be unprecedented in the history of industry and manufacturing. Energy-intensive manufacturing factories don’t often build their own power…

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