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the solar & battery revolution is finally here, thanks Tesla

great advancements still require steps, thanks Tesla for taking the 1st Giant step with PowerWall , just like Apple’s iPhone was the first phone to spark the current revolution in smart phones … otherwise we would all still be using plastic motorola flip phones in 2015 … so will Elon Musk help push the world toward the storage of green energy, with this big first step.


About doonbelieve

I am an engineer in the 21st century, but i find Natural Health more interesting. Although the one tech that i cannot live without are the ones "Designed by Apple in California". I appreciate the technical zen qualities in each of Steve Job's products. I am also a photographer who specializes in candid photography at party events, life celebrations. Getting back to personal health, we can each improve our life through better health by making small, individual choices based upon what we learn about Natural Health.

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